Ford Vechicles with repeated false EGR codes, due to Delta Pressure Feedback of EGR (DPFE) Hose having vacuum leak

Ford vehicles with Pressure Feedback EGR Sensors (PFE) or Differential Pressure Feedback EGR Sensor (DPFE), may experience repeated false codes for the EGR system. This condition may be due to a hose problem, this hose is subject to high temperatures (melting) and carbon debris blockage.

Other than a repeated check engine light, some driveability conditions that may be experienced include engine bucking (surging) during initial off-idle acceleration or cruising and may become as bad as engine stalling during deceleration.

This TechSmart™ kit is a real problem solver featuring an extra heavy-duty hi-temp design to handle the pressure that ordinary hoses cannot.

DPFE hose kit M40001

Delta Pressure Feedback of EGR (DPFE)  part # M40001

2000-1995 Lincoln Town Car
2000-1998 Ford Contour
2000-1998 Mercury Grand Marquis
2000-1998 Mercury Mystique�
2000-1999, 1995-1994 Mercury Cougar
2001-1996 Ford Light Truck Explorer / Sport / Sport Trac
2001-1997 Ford Light Truck Windstar
2001-1997 Mercury Mountaineer
2002 Ford Thunderbird
2002 Lincoln Blackwood�
2002-2000 Lincoln Ls
2002-1997 Ford Escort�
2002-1998, 1995 Ford Crown Victoria
2002-1999 Lincoln Continental
2004-2003 Ford Light Truck E Series Medium Duty Van
2004-2003 Mazda Tribute
2004-2003, 2000 Ford Focus�
2004-1996 Ford Light Truck E Series Fullsize Van
2004-1996 Ford Light Truck F Series Fullsize Pickup
2004-1997 Ford Light Truck Expedition
2004-98 Lincoln Navigator�
2004-1998, 1995-1994 Ford Mustang�
2005 Lincoln Aviator�
2005-2000 Ford Light Truck Excursion
2005-2003, 2000-1998 Mercury Sable
2007-2003, 2000-1996 Ford Taurus
2007-2005 Mercury Mariner
2007-1998 Ford Light Truck Ranger
2007-1998 Mazda Pickup�
2008-2003 Ford Light Truck Escape
1994 Mercury Capri�
1996 Ford Light Truck Bronco
1999-1998 Mercury Tracer


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