Identifying F150 regular cab, super cab, crew cab

The 2004 -2008 Ford F150 had 3 major variations of cab styles, and the labeling can become confusing. This is a short post to help identify exactly which model F150 you have. This information is critical when ordering power window regulators, and I have included links below each picture for the correct regulator depending on your cab style.

Note the small back doors, but NO REAR SEAT

Regular Cab DRIVER Side Window Motor / Regulator

Regular Cab PASSENGER Side Window Motor / Regulator


The Super Cab has slightly larger small rear doors,, and a SMALL REAR SEAT

Super Cab DRIVER side window motor / regulator

Super Cab PASSENGER side window motor / regulator


The Super Crew has 4 Full size Doors, and Full size rear seats.

Super Crew DRIVER FRONT window motor / regulator

Super Crew PASSENGER FRONT window motor / regulator


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