Water Pumps How To Install & everything You Need To Know

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Page under construction, COMING VERY SOON, please call 1-866-770-2771 if you would like instructions for your specific vehicle.


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  1. Great site. Very informative. I will definitely bookmark this website for future reference and tell all my friends as well! Thanks!!!!

  2. I’m currently trying to replacement my waterpump on my 2000 Ford Explorer, Limited. (5.0 L motor, 8 cyl.) I tried to take off the fan, but couldn’t. The belt is off. I have all the waterpump bolts out, but it still won’t come off. I’m definitely not a mechanic, but I was afraid to drive it to the shop, because it was leaking so bad. I need help !


  3. Thanks Judson, I will try to help you out on this one. I could not find that vehicle in our repair info software, so I will try to help you from memory on how that one works and the easiest way to remove it. That 5.0L engine should have a fan blade bolted to a fan clutch and then one large bolt attached to the front of the water pump. If that is the case, then usually it is easiest to remove the fan clutch with the blade on it and then unbolt the fan blade from the clutch (if needed). Most technicians will also recommend replacing the fan clutch at the same time since it is being removed. The next fun task is removing that clutch from the water pump. They do make special wrenches called fan clutch wrenches, that make removal easier but it is not a must have to do the job. Depending on the tools you have available, these are the 3 methods I would recommend you try to remove it. These are in order of easiest (with the proper tools). TIP*** THE FAN CLUTCH NUT WILL BE REVERSE THREADS***. The first way to remove this is with an impact air hammer with a long extension. You place the end of the pointed tip of the extension on the end of the fan clutch nut and simply pop it real quick with a blast of air. Their is some technique involved and it may take you a few times, but it works great. This basically takes a quick and very powerful way to pop the nut loose. The next method is with the fan clutch wrench kit. Their are several different types you can get and here is a link to them on our website:
    Also you may not need to buy one because you may only use it once and if this is the case, many auto zones or advance auto parts stores will let you borrow one for free. The last method is trying to come up with your own tool or rig to get it loose. This is not the professional way to do it but it works for the shadetree’s. You can wedge a socket or something to block the shaft from turning and then use a skinny wrench to loosen that nut. Borrowing or purchasing the fan clutch removal tool is usually the best result if you do not have an air hammer. After loosening that nut, you can unscrew it by hand and remove the blade and clutch assembly at the same time. If you are replacing the fan clutch (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED), then remove the bolts attaching it to the clutch. You may also need to remove the upper radiator hose and the fan shroud to get the fan blade and clutch out. Then you can remove the water pump bypass tube and hose and then their is a bracket for the AC & power steering that may be needed to remove to remove the water pump. Then you basically reverse the removal procedure. Be sure to bleed as much air as possible from the system, this can be accomplished with a spill free funnel or by just running the engine and letting the air bubbles circulate out. Also be sure to replace the thermostat if the vehicle has 50K miles or more or if it ever overheated, even just slightly overheated. Thanks and I hope this helped!!

  4. I need instuction on how to replace the water pump on my 2005 GMC Envoy XL 6 cylinder 4×4. Thank You in advance.

  5. I need help replacing a water pump in a 97 Buick Lesabre 3800. I have never done it before. Thank you very much for your help.

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