Buick Park Avenue, Lesabre Front Wheel Hub Bearing Replacement

Here is a great set of instructions for the installation of a GM front wheel hub bearing assembly. One of our customers submitted this for us to show to the public. Hopefully anyone thinking about tackling this job will find these helpful. These instructions came from a 2002 Buick Lesabre Limited, however they will work for numerous GM front wheel drive vehicles including:
Buick Lesabre, Park Avenue, Centruy, Regal, Riviera, Rendezvous
Cadillac Concours, Seville, Deville, Eldorado
Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo, Venture
Oldsmobile Aurora, Intrigue, Silhouette
Pontiac Aztec, Bonneville, Grand Prix, Montanna, Transport


1. Remove hub cap/dust cover.

Tip: If you do not have an impact wrench (air operated gun), you may want to remove the center axle nut at this point. Removing this nut with the wheel still on and before jacking up the vehicle, will make it much easier and give you enough leverage to get it loose with a regular ratchet or breaker bar (recommended). You may have access to the axle nut without removing the wheel. If you do not have access, you can remove the wheel and put the spare tire/wheel on. The spare wheel has a very large center hole and gives you access to the center axle nut. With the vehicle back on the ground, you can put the breaker bar with the proper size axle nut socket, on the nut and loosen it. Then jack up the vehicle and remove the wheel.

2. Jack up vehicle and support properly. **We know you know, but be very careful. You should always put a jack stand under the vehicle and use that to supprt the vehicle, not the jack. Also you should also use wheel ckocks to prevent the vehicle from accidentally rolling. If you are doing do-it-yourself repairs often, it is wise to buy good quality tools and equipment. This can help get the job done quicker and certainly safer.

3. Remove lug nuts using 19mm socket. Remove wheel and set aside.

4. Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts using a 15mm socket. Set caliper aside. Do not let it hang from rubber brake hose.

5. Remove 2 caliper mount bolts using 15mm socket Set caliper mount aside.

6. Remove brake rotor by sliding it off and set aside. NOTE: If the brake rotor has never been removed, their may be 2 small screws or retainers holding it in place. Remove these and the rotor will slide off. If it is stuck, you can lightly tap it with a hammer.

7. Remove 3 hub mounting bolts using 13mm socket. These are located on the inside of the steering knuckle next to the outer CV boot. A 3/8’s drive ratchet with swivel and extension is best for this. Also if you are having trouble, look closely at how you have it jacked up. You may be able to reposition the jack and change the angle of the axle. If you have it jacked up under the control arm, you still have the suspension compressed. If you jacked it up by the frame rail, the suspension is opened up and may give you a better angle. Again be very careful with the jack and always use a jack stand for support. You can always use more then one jack stand to help as a safety also.

8. Remove axle nut using 1 5/16″ or 34mm socket.

9. Unhook and then unplug the ABS sensor.

10. Remove hub assembly. Be careful to make sure the axle splines are free from the hub. Once you have the axle nut off you should be able to push the axle in towards the engine with the bottom of the palm of your hand. If it is stuck, you can rethread the axle nut 1-2 threads, then place the socket back on and tap it with a hammer. This is mainly to assure the axle does nte get pulled out while pulling off the hub. The hub may also require a slight tap with a hammer or very rarely a puller to get the hub loose. Hit the hub and pry with a screwdriver or small prybar until hub comes out. (Most Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts stores will allow you to borrow a puller if needed.)

11. Clean mounting area with a wire brush so new hub slides on easily. Make sure their is no rust or material that may cause the hub to not sit flush.

12. Install new hub assembly.

13. Use thread locker on the 3, 13mm mounting bolts and tighten. **GM recommends replacing these bolts every time they are removed. This is because the torque can be affected by re-using the bolts. The threads stretch when the are originally installed/removed and they can never really be torqued properly again. Also it is strongly recommended to replace the axle nut for the same reason**

14. Hook up the new sensor plug.

15. Install the axle nut using a 1 5/16″ or 34mm socket. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Do not over torque or under torque this nut. Also it is strongly recommended to never use an impact wrench to tighten this nut. Please tighten with a torque wrench to 118 ft. Lbs.(Other year and model vehicle torques specs may differ, please email us if you would like to know yours. Over or under torqueing this nut is the number one cause of premature bearing failure!!!!!!( It is also recommended to replace this nut as the threads will usually be stretched from being installed and removed. Threads will be stretched if installed with an impact wrench and also the bearing will be squeezed excessively which will cause premature failure.

16. Slide on the brake rotor.

17. Use a tiny bit of thread locker on the 2, 15mm caliper mount bolts and tighten.

18. Install the caliper mount bolts using a 15mm socket.

19. Install the wheel using a 19mm socket (Torque lug nuts with torque wrench to 100 Ft. Lbs.) and press hub dust cover into place.

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  2. THanks, Here is the torque specs for the 98 park ave:
    Axle Shaft Nut 107 Ft Lbs.
    Hub attaching bolts 70 Ft Lbs.
    Wheel Lugs 100 Ft Lbs.


  3. Putting a front wheel bearing on a 2003 Pontiac Montana. Would like to know the torque specs for the brake caliper bolts and the axle nut? Thank you !!

  4. Need torque specs for 2002 rendezvous axle nut and axle nut size in mm. Thanks

  5. Just paid 400+ bucks with dealer to
    change FR RT Wheel hub…I believe the abs sensor was only thing bad…..I have lost 6 hubs on 2002 awd Silhouette since 2002…..
    Next time I will replace myself..(warranty is out… 77000 MILES)
    Do you have the Silhouette AWD specks for FROnt and rear.
    info is greatly appreciated.

  6. Could you tell me the torque specs for the axle nut on a 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport..Thanks for your time..Later Johnboy

  7. I have a 1999 Buick Lesabre what size axle nut socket do I need and what is the Tourque setting for it?

  8. Can you tell me the torque requirements for the axle hub nut on a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SE?

    Are replacement hub bolts and hub nut from aplace like Auto Zone good quality or should these be dealer stock items?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

  9. How much play in the wheel bearings can be expected? With the wheel off the ground, and hands at six and twelve o’clock, some play can be felt on my car. No noise or performance problems are being experienced, but a mechanic says the hub bearings are bad and he cannot do a wheel alignment.

  10. Thanks, their should be zero play in the fornt end. If you are holding the tire at the 12 & 6’oclock positions or 3 & 6 position, their should be zero play. Watch closely at the play. If the pivot point is the center of the wheel, then it is most likely the bearing. If the pivot point is toward the front or back of the tire, then this is probably a tie rod problem, and last but not least, pivot from the top or bottom of the wheel is typically a ball joint. THanks and please call us for immediate help or tech advise at 1-866-770-2771. Thanks

  11. I replaced the hub last night after dealing with 2 years of low vibration and 2 weeks of something that obviously needed attention. The job wen smoothly 🙂

  12. Can you tell me the torque requirements on the hub attaching bolts, axle shaft nut, and wheel lug nuts for a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix SE w/ abs?


  13. I own a 03 Grand AM am with 73000 miles, so far this will be the 7th wheel bearing assembly Ive had to replace since the car had I’ll say about 40000/ or in the last 2 years if you want to figure it out that way. Ive tried all different manufacturers both generic & premium. long story show GM has a major problem with the part design . I came across this site via ebay and they are by far the lowest priced Ive found plus geeeeeoonteee it for the life time. Time will tell of the quality and the life promise they fed me so here nuttin and I guess its better then a stick in the eye

  14. Thanks Ralph, Their is a definate problem with the front hubs on these vehicles. GM has also acknowledged this problem and they are trying to help. THey have issued a technical service bulletin regarding this issue and her is basicaly what it says.
    TECH SERVICE BULLETIN # 03-04-18-001
    General Motors has released a new style drive axle nut for many 97-03 models. This new and improved nut is a torque prevailing style nut(basically it distributes the torque properly) for mor consistent clamp load on the wheel bearing. The new nut is silver in color and the old nut is usually black in color. They have also lowered the torque on most all of the models. The original torque for many of these vehicles was 284 FT/Lbs. THey have dropped this torque to 173 Ft/Lbs, then they dropped it again down to 112-118 Ft/Lbs. It is very important to check each vehicle specifically to get the correct torque. Anyone who has to replace this hub on the front of their vehicle should go to the dealer and get the altest style axle nut. It cannot be a nut from a regular parts store or it will match the old nut. THe part number can be obtained at the dealer by the VIN number and the most common part number on all of these is 10289657. Replacing this nut and torqueing it to the correct lower torque should get you more life out of these hubs. Thanks

  15. can you tell me the proper torques for the hub and axel nut for a 2002 grand prix GT…thank you so much…….I think I over torqued it….alot

  16. travelosity.info/5yg65uu5h

  17. Excellent information, I was just wondering if this hub assembly instructions you provided for Buick park avenue would be basically the same for my 1999 olds. Alero?? I am planning on getting a new axle nut as well, if you know the new torque on that as well it would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks again for any info.


  18. can you tell me all the torque specs for all the nuts and bolts required in changing the front wheel hub bearing.

  19. I was wondering will this instructions work on a 2004 chevy Malibu classic? and if so what are the torque specs?
    Thank you for any info.

  20. Thanks, yes these instructions will work on your 04 malibu. Their will be some slight differences like socket sizes but the repair steps are basically the same. Also here are the torque specs for your vehicle:
    Hub Bearing To Steering Knuckle Hold Down Bolts (should be 3 bolts)
    85 Ft/Lbs.
    The Drive Axle Nut is 159 Ft/Lbs.
    By the way FT/LBS stands for foot pounds and is a standard setting on any SAE torque wrench. Thanks!!

  21. Would you mind providing the torque specs for my 2000 Alero coupe? Thanks.

  22. Please provide torque specs for front axle nut and hub bearing assy bolts for 2002 Olds Silhouette.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  23. Thanks Don, The axle nut torque on the alero is very high and is possibly not accurate. We subscribe to a GM website that is basically the same interface that most repair shops and dealership use and I checked it yesterday and today and it says the axle nut torque is 284 ft/lbs. I also checked a paper repair manual that we have and it confirms the torque at 284 ft/lbs. I would recommend that if you are replacing the hub bearing to also replace the axle nut and the 3 attaching bolts. GM has a new revision axle nut with a new torque spec and it usually comes in a little sealed bag with a small piece of paper explaining the torque. The new style axle nut is designed to properly apply pressure to the hub assembly and usually requires a lower torque. The new axle nut and attaching bolts must be purchase through a GM or Olds dealer to make sure you get the latest revised part. This new nut and lower torque are meant to keep the new bearing lasting longer then the original which is very very common to fail. Thanks

  24. Thanks John,
    The proper torque specs for the 2002 Olds Silhouette are below:
    ***New axle nut and new hub attaching bolts reuired for proper torque
    Hub Assembly To Steering Knuckle Bolts(These are the 3 attaching bolts) 96 Ft/Lbs
    Drive Axle Shaft Nut 118 Ft/Lbs

    Also It again is very important to replace the axle nut and 3 attaching bolts to get the correct torque. We are working on getting these parts available for our customers but we have to buy them direclty from GM and they will not come off the price yet. They are $4 per bolt at a GM dealer. The axle shaft nut kit is $12-$16. Lack of replacing these bolts leads to improper torque and is the leading cause of the hub bearings to fail way to soon, sometimes a few months after being replaced the first time. Thanks

  25. I have a 2003 Chevy Impala with 172K miles on it and the ABS light has just popped on. The hub assembly with the built-in wheel sensors have never been replaced but the car rides like it was new. A co-worker told me the most common reason for the ABS light popping on is a bad front wheel sensor. Is this true and if so is there a way to tell which hub assembly needs to be replaced? In addition, your lifetime warranty hub assemblies on ebay seem to be the best deal around and your directions are very clear as I have already replaced the rotors last summer and know basically everything in the description. I believe I have everything I need accept the torque wrench. There are a variety of less expensive torque wrenches. Can you please tell me the torque settings for a 2003 Impala so that I can buy a wrench that fits what I need.

  26. Thanks Jason, If you have 172K on your Impala, then you are doing awesome if you have not had to replace those hubs yet. As far as the ABS light goes, most of the time one of the sensors is bad. Their is a sensor on each of the 4 wheels and a scan tool or code reader can usually tell you which one. If you do not have a scan tool, you can usually go to an auto zone or advance auto parts and they have one they can plug in and read the codes for free. Each sensor will set a seperate code and it will tell you exactly which one it is. Also it is best practice to check all of the wheels for any play and also best practice to replace the hubs in pairs. The torques wrench is very important and here is the specs for your exact vehicle:
    Drive axle nut 118 Ft/Lbs (A new axle nut is strongly recommended, unfortunately only available at the dealer)
    Hub assembly to steering knuckle attaching bolts 96 Ft/lbs.
    Also we sell torque wrenches on our website and we try to sell them as low as possible and here is a link to them on our ecommerce website:
    Oops, we do not have them on the website yet. I will post it here as soon as they get them listed. Thanks for checking out our site and thanks for the comments. Also you do not have to purchase them on ebay as we have them on our website here:

  27. What are the torque specs for a 2004 Olds Alero?

  28. Hi, could you let me know what the torque specs are for a 2000 Buick Century (Custom)? I picked up the new nut but the dealer was not clear on the specs.

    Thanks in advance.

  29. In reply to R Hamlin about the 2004 Olds Alero. Thanks for the question, this is slightly confusing as they have changed the specs several times. The posted specs according to GM refer to a new design axle nut and an old design axle nut. It is very important to buy a new design axle nut (part # 10289657) from a GM dealer and the new lower torque on the alero is 173 ft/lbs. They lowered it from 284 ft/lbs for the original axle nut. Replacing the nut with the latest design and torqueing it to the lower spec can make it last much longer then the original. Also the 3 bolts that attach the hub to the steering knuckle have a torque of 70 ft/lbs. Thanks

  30. In Response to M Gavett:
    Thanks Mr Gavett, Here is the torque info for your vehicle, thanks for the question.
    Axle Nut 159 Ft/Lbs
    Hub to Steering Knuckle Bolts 96 Ft/Lbs


  31. Joel,

    Thanks for the new specs on the replacement axle nuts for my Alero. I think it was silly when they designed the Alero that they would torque it that high and eventually ruin someone’s day.

  32. Hi, could you let me know what the torque specs (axle nut & hub bolts) are for a 2000 Buick LeSabre (Custom)? Thanks!!


  33. i’m replacing my front passenger axle ( small clicking sound) and came across your site. i would like to know if i should also replace the bearing assymbly as well since i’m going thru this alsready. i would also like to know the torque specs of the axle nut and hub bolts. 1999 buick Park Avenue. this site is great….

  34. I would like the torque specs for a 2000 Park Ave, please…

  35. What is the torque specs for the right rear wheel bearing nut on an AWD 2004 Pontiac Aztec?

  36. Would you be able to provide the torque specifications for replacing the front wheel hub on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am (4-cylinder)? Thank you very much.

  37. Can you tell me the torque requirements for the axle hub nut on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

    Are replacement hub bolts and hub nut from a place like Advanced Auto good quality or should these be dealer stock items?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

  38. Hello,

    I was wondering the torque specs for a 2002 Buick Rendezvous? And would the LeSabre Hub and Sensor match up to the Rendezvous. Also, Have you heard of complaints of the Rendezvous ABS Speed Sensor going out?


  39. Ricardo Rodriguez

    What is the torque specification for the axle nut on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora??? Thanks….

  40. I’m about to replace both front wheel hubs for a 2002 chevy trailblazer. I would appretiate any torque specs and any other important things to know or special tools needed.


  41. Thanks Jim, Here is the torque specs for your vehicle:
    Drive Axle Nut 103 Ft/Lbs(New Nut Recommended For Proper Torque)
    Hub Assembly To Steering Knuckle Bolts 77 Ft/Lbs.

    Their is not really any special tools required. Once you remove the brake caliper and rotor, all you have is the 3 bolts on the back and the axle nut. Thanks

  42. Thanks Ricardo, Here is the torques specs for your vehicle:
    Drive Shaft Axle Nut 118 Ft/Lbs
    Hub Assembly To Steering Knuckle Bolts 70 Ft/Lbs

  43. Thanks Adam, Here is the torque specs for your vehicle: 02 Buick Rendezvous
    Axle Nut (New Required) 192 Ft/Lbs
    Hub Assembly To Steering Knuckle Bolts: 96 Ft/Lbs(New Required)

    **Also You have to be careful with the rendezvous (2002) because their is actually different front hubs for the AWD vs the FWD. Even though both have axles on the front, they take seperate hub bearing part numbers. Here is the part number:

    2002 Models Only:
    2WD Front Hub# 513179 (Same as the lesabre)
    AWD Front Hub# 513187
    2003-2006 Models:
    2WD Front Hub # 513187
    AWD Front Hub # 513187
    These are all very common failing items and their is numerous problems with the ABS sensor and the bearing. Most of the problem has to do with imprpoer torque from the factory and also a internal problem with the sensor having dis-similair metals which causes corrosion inside where the sensor reads. This gets a little complex so you may want to call us at 1–866-770-2771 and we can explain your exact vehicle more in depth. Thanks

  44. Have ordered your bearing hub for my 96 Olds Delta 88. In reading these comments, to one of which you replied;

    “very important to buy a new design axle nut (part # 10289657) from a GM dealer and the new lower torque on the alero is 173 ft/lbs. They lowered it from … ”

    leads me to the questions;
    Is this also the part # for a new nut for my olds?
    What is the part # for the three hub to flange bolts?
    And What are the torque specs for my Olds.
    Thanks in advance for the info.

  45. Thanks, the axle nut torque has been lowered again and possibly another new part number may exist from GM. The latest torque with a new axle nut is 107 Ft/Lbs. GM has had extreme problems with these bearings and they are trying to remedy the situation. The best thing to do is call the dealer and have them look up the axle nut and use your vehicle VIN. Then they can look up the latest part number specifically for your vehicle. Also usually the new axle nut has a piece of paper inside the packaging explaining then new lower torque spec. We unfortunately do not have the part numbers for the hub attaching bolts. The best way to obtain these is again with the VIN number. Thanks

  46. Could please let me know the torque specs for the axel nut and mounting bolts for a 2004 Rendezvous, FWD.
    Thank You

  47. Hi, I need to replace the 3 hub bolts on my 2001 Regal LS. Do you know the part number, and the torque specs on those? Thanks.

  48. I am installing a front hub assembly on at 2003 Chevy Impala. Could you please tell me what the torque specks are on these. Thanks much for this service!

  49. Brian Quisenberry

    I was wanting the torque specs for a 2004 pontiac grand am, front hub assembly. Also would you suggest a new design axle nut or is that neccesary for this year model. Thanks

  50. I’m going to replace the front bearings on my 2003 Pontiac Grand Am and I would like to know the torque specs.

  51. Bruce Kramer

    Nice site — lots of good info for the DIY’s!
    Too bad GM didn’t stick with designs that lasted — like the double timken roller bearings on my ’73 Toronado and ’78 Eldorado. If you did have a bearing problem, all you have to do is press out the bearings and press in new ones INSTEAD of having to replace the whole hub assimbly. What a waste of material, BUT leave it to their “throw away” mentality. I’m convinced that a lot of techs today are mechanically illiterate! By that I mean they don’t have a true mechanical aptitude to understand what makes something tick! (I replaced 3 AC compressor front seals last year — everyone else said you had to replace the whole AC compressor!) Sadly, today it’s take off the old piece, throw it away and install a new one INSTEAD of a repairing it!!! Indeed these hubs are a prime example of that! I first ran into this design with my ’81 Olds — was appauled at their crappy design! AND they still haven’t fixed it! PLUS now they’ve messed up the ABS sensor system with a crappy design — which IS my current problem on my ’96 Olds 98 with only 100K on it — an intermittent short to ground and/or “0” revolution indication. Why the H- – – didn’t they keep the external sensors that they first used?! I’ve had no problems with them! To have to buy the whole hub AND throw away a perfectly good bearing just b/c the ABS sensor is bad STINKS! I’ve not had a chance to pull mine off yet, but you can be assured I WILL disassemble /press it apart it to see if there is any way at all I can refurbish or rebuild it in my shop.

  52. I am replacing the front bearing hubs on a 2003 Old’s Alero, and I read this earlier answer about the torque on a 2004 Alero, and I will be buying new bolts and axel nut, and I am wondering if the torque is the same, and part numbers also. thank you very much

    # Comment by Joel on February 22, 2008 10:33 am

    In reply to R Hamlin about the 2004 Olds Alero. Thanks for the question, this is slightly confusing as they have changed the specs several times. The posted specs according to GM refer to a new design axle nut and an old design axle nut. It is very important to buy a new design axle nut (part # 10289657) from a GM dealer and the new lower torque on the alero is 173 ft/lbs. They lowered it from 284 ft/lbs for the original axle nut. Replacing the nut with the latest design and torqueing it to the lower spec can make it last much longer then the original. Also the 3 bolts that attach the hub to the steering knuckle have a torque of 70 ft/lbs. Thanks

  53. I have a 1998 Buick Regal GS and wanted to know the torque specks for the Axle nut and the mounting bolts for the front wheel hub bearing assembly. I understand these may have changed since my Chilton’s publication. Thanks.

  54. I have a 2002 Chevy Impala and need the torque specs for the drive axel nut and the hub assembly to steering knuckle attaching bolts.

    The job looks easy enough to do!

  55. Replacing the front hub assembly on a 2002 Buick Century. Can you please give me the torgue specs needed for this job (axle nut, mounting bolts, lug nuts, etc)?


  56. 1999 park ave torque specs for this job?

    Thank you very much

  57. For others looking to do a 2002 Impala front hub assembly, the axel nut I took off was 36MM and the new nut was 34mm. Lucky the local Atuo Parts sote had the proper socket. I purchased the Impala in 2007 with 69K miles. Don’t know if thatwas the original axel nut.

  58. Torque Specs for a 2001 Buick Regal GS? Your site is so informative! Thanks for sharing youe knowledge!

  59. Hi,
    I am replacing the two rear wheel hub assemblies on my 1999 Buick Regal. Can you give me the tourques settings I will need.

  60. Do you have the torque specs for a 2004 Buick Lesabre Custom?

  61. Can you give me the torque spec for the Buick Rendezvouz front axle nut. AWD, ABS, 3.5 ? Excellent instructions

  62. update pn previous comment…2006 Buick Rendezvous axle nut torque specs, AWD , ABS, 3.5

  63. Hi,

    Can you tell me the troque specs on a 2001 Cadillac Deville.

  64. Thanks for the time and info you guys have put into this DIY guide. I plan on following the instruction as written and was wondering the torque specs for the nut and three bolts on a Oldsmobile Alero 2001.


  66. 1) is it a good idea to place some oil on the axle nut spindle before tightening?
    2) What are the axle nut torgue specs for:
    2001 Buick Lasabre Custom?

  67. I have 2001 Lesabre custom. I need the torque specs for 3 -13 mm mounting bollts and axle nut. Does custom make a difference?

  68. Hi, would like the torque specs for a 2000 Olds intrigue.
    Thanks, Buddy

  69. Just installed two of your hubs on a 1997 Buick Park Ave Ultra. The tag in the box with each hub said to torque to 180#… GM book spec (and your info above) says torque to 107 ft lb.

    What’s up with the info on the tag in the box?


  70. Who is the manufacturer of the hub bearings for the 2003 cadillac seville. Thanks, Tony

  71. Hi
    What are the hub torque specs for a 1999 olds intrigue?

    thank yo in advance


  72. Hello: Replacement of front wheel hub bearing on 2001 Cadillac Deville DHS . Would like to know the proper axle nut and mounting bolt torque specs. Thank You!


  74. Would you mind sharing the front hub assembly torgue specs for the 2003 Olds Alero, V6? The shop has replaced it 3times. The warranty is now over, so it is my turn. 90k on the car.

    Thank you,

  75. I am replacing front hub assembly on a 1999 Monte Carlo. The Haynes manual said the hubs had to be pressed on the drive axel using a press. Is that true? Thanks

  76. What is the torque specs. on the front wheel bearing hub for a 1999 Buick Lesaber

  77. Doing a wheel hub job on a 2001 chevy
    monte Carlo
    what’s the torque specs.


  78. Thanks for your help. I am replacing the front hub/bearing assy on my 99 LeSabre but mine has 3 Torq head bolts holding the hub assy on. Can you tell me what the (T) size is? Mine also has the silver axle nut.
    Thanks for your help..

  79. need front hub torque spec for a 95 grand am thanks

  80. I am installing a front hub assembly on at 2001 Pontiac Aztek. Could you please tell me what the torque specks are on these. Thanks much for this service! It has helped me do this on my own without my husband 🙂

  81. What mm. size socket to remove front spindle nut on 2004 Rendezvous? What torque to reassemble spindle nut? What torque for wheel bearing hub assembly mounting bolts?

  82. Nice article. Will these instructions apply to a 1999 Chevrolet Lumina? I have a Haynes repair manual that says these front hub assemblies are pressed onto the CV drive shafts and must be pressed off at a machine shop. Your article suggests they simply pull off the CV drive shaft splines.

  83. For a 2005 Chevy Classic w/ 46k miles, it appears that both front hubs are bad. Is this out of the ordinary?

    How about replacements? Recomendations?

  84. I am interested in the correct torque spec for the driver side front axle of a 1998 Cadillac Eldorado. I am installing a Timken bering set #513121

  85. Could you tell me the size and torque spec for the front hub axle nut for a 2004 chev monte carlo LS 3.4 litre without anti lock brakes? Also the torque spec for front hub bearing fastner (3) bolts? Thanks.

  86. Can you provide the torque specs and mm. size socket to remove front spindle nut on 2001 Pontiac Aztek? Any other torques for this assembly would be appreciated.

  87. Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  88. Hello, What is the front axle torque specs for a 1997 chevy venture van ?? THANX, TONY …….

  89. Hello, my cousin wants me to do her brakes on her 2001 pontiac aztec. Just for saefty sake, could somone tell me what the brake caliper mouting bolt torque would be?

  90. could you please send me the torque specs for the2005 chevy clasic i ordered thank you

  91. can you tell me the hub assembly torque specs for 2005 chevy venture

  92. looking for torque specs for 99 intriuge 3.5 L front hub assemble .THANK YOU

  93. Can you tell me the torque spec for a front wheel spindle nut on a 2000 Chevy Malibu? I’m getting recommendatios from 118 to 280 ft.lbs.

  94. I’m replacing frt right wheel bearing on 2005 aztek, 2WD no abs. can i use an abs wheelbearing? found a good price on one and wondered if it would fit???
    thanks! torque specs for this also… Thank you!

  95. What are the torque specs for the hub bolts and axel nut on a 2004 Monte Carlo LS? Thank you for publishing this info on replacing the front hub.

  96. Can you send me the torque specs for the front wheel hub bearing assembly on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville?

  97. Grand Am Guy

    This is going to sound a little off, but the main reason the wheel bearings in the 99-03 grand ams burn out soo fast is the temparture that the brakes run. there is alot of front end weight and most of the braking is done by the front end. i have switched to cross drilled and slotted rotors and have been problem free for 3 years. i have since then seen other friends change bearing after bearing and still no problem for me. eliminate most of the heat and you wont cook your bearings. they get hot, dry out and burn out. for those who dont believe, try it out. best investment for around 150 dollars oppose to 175-300 per bearing.

  98. Just wondering the torque values for a 2001 Grand Am GT, especially the axel nut.

  99. What is the torque value for the hub nut for a 2005 Buick Rendezvous FWD front wheel ?

  100. 2003 Chevrolet Impala.
    What are torque specs for hub axle nut and hub bearing retaining bolts?
    Have noticed an earlier entry (02/14/08)on your website that differs with my Haynes repair manual (2005 ptinting), my manual shows 159 ft.lbs. and 96 ft.lbs. respectively. Your earlier entry shows 118 ft. lbs and 96 ft. lbs. Would this be due to a change in torque specs? Which is currently correct?
    Thanks, Don

  101. what is the torque specs for front hub axle nut for a 2003 chevrolet monte carlo ss. thanks pike

  102. I would like the torque specs for 2002 Olds Intrigue front axel nut and mounting bolts. Thanks in advance

  103. Can I get the torque spec’s for a 2003 Pontiak Aztek. I’m replacing the front wheel hub assembly and torque wrench is in N-m.

    Thank you!

  104. What are the correct torque specs for a 2003 Cadillac Deville front wheel hub assembly?

  105. I just bought an aftermarket hub assy. for a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am and there is a little note in there to torque the new nut that came with it to 180# …it says to insure the proper preload on the bearing.>?? I don’t understand why you would need to preload this style of bearing??

  106. Jeff Klineburg

    What is the axle nut tq spec for a 2004 monte carlo ss sc with abs ? i havent had much luck but found 159 , i think thats correct can you verify this .

  107. What is the torque for the axle nut for the front bearing assembly of a 2004 Renezvous

  108. Hi, Thanks for all the informative article on how to replace wheel bearing hub..I am thinking about doing it on my vehicle and wonder if you could tell me the torque specs for the front hub assembly on 2004 Buick LeSabre. Also the part # for the new axle nuts and anything else that I might pay special attention to..

  109. check it out… this has the wheel hub torque for most makes and models…. it should help

  110. Can’t seem to determine which front bearing is bad on 2001 Buick LeSabre. Hums while driving straight and increases when truning right. Right axil spindel & nut are noticably warmer than left after driving for a while. No wobble in either hub. I detect only a slight noise on both sides when turning the hub with wheel and rotor off.

    Any advice? Really struggling with this.

  111. I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharger. I replaced wheel bearing hubs on the front of my car 2 years ago. I used old Axel Nuts, now my car failed state inspection due to a bad passenger side front wheel bearing and hub. I WILL purchase new Axle Nut from dealer, I would appreciate if you can let me know the torque values for all nuts involved in changing this wheel bearing and hub assembly.
    Great write up and I appreciate the information.
    Thank you,

  112. Where can I find the replacement bolts that attachs the hub to the steering knuckle. I can I go to the hardware store and also mines is the 3- T50 Star head ( Torx ) Head.

  113. whats the torque spec. for a wheei hub and the 3 bolts for a 1998 buick lesabre?

  114. Hi i am changing my wheel bearing on my 1996 buick riviara what are the torque specs and sizes of sockets i need to do the job. thank you Kevin

  115. I changed the front passenger wheel bearing on my 1998 Buick Regal LS and it went smoothly except the axle nut size is 36mm not 1 5/16 or 34mm. Other than that it went great. Saved $160. Thanks for the info.

  116. How long are the 3 hub bolts that are recommended to be replaced? I have an 04 grand prix. Thanks.

  117. I changed the hub on my 1998 Regal GS and the ABS & TRAC & check engine lights are still on, checked other side and evrythng is fine. Any ideas?

  118. Could you verify torque settings for front hub nuts and retaining bolts on a 1996 Monte Carlo LS with ABS ?
    Haynes manual says 159 and 96 but just had both wear out within 6 months.
    Great price on your bearings,are they American made? Thanks

  119. To whom it may concern,

    Could you please tell me the torque specs for a 01 monte carlo LS. I am installing all 4 new hubs.

    Thank you,


  120. What are the torque specs for the front spindle nut for 2003 Chev Malibu? And what is the nut size? (34 MM ????). Thanks.

  121. I purchased new front hubs and bearings from your company, but I need to buy the front axle nuts from a dealer. My dealer here in town seems to be much higher priced then other dealers so I will order them from a parts dealer on-line. Do you know the newest part number for these axle nuts for a 2003 Aztek.

  122. chris abraham

    what are the torque specs for my 1996 cadillac eldorado etc for the axle nut, 3 13 mm hub bolts, and my lug nuts

  123. Torque specs for a 1998 buick regal gs

  124. What is the torque for the front axle nut on a 1999 Buick Regal?


  125. can you remove the cv axle once you have the hub off

  126. Meredith Lewis

    Can I get the torque spec’s for a 2003 Pontiak Aztek AWD front axle nuts.
    Thank you

  127. This is great to read this info; to bad i’m already scheduled for service! I’d wished i found this sooner.My price quote for front wheel hub assembly is$360.00. Could have saved a bundle. drat 2004 buick lasabre…TOM

  128. great site !!! could you tell me the torque spec for a 1998 buick century and if i have the hub of can i remove the axle thru the bearing hole at the same time thanks for your help

  129. do you know the torque specs for a 2002 aztec fwd.i just bought a wheel hub from you and now i want to replace the other side.also do you sell the 3 bearing bolts and the axle nut?

  130. Can you please let me know the torque specs for replacing the spindle Knuckle? Also for the brake caliper? It’s for an 2000 Oldsmobile Alero, 4 door, 4 cyl.
    Thanks for the great article!

  131. Hello,
    What are the front hub torque specs (13mm bolts and axle nut) for a 2001 Chevy Impala?
    Thank you.

  132. Hi, I had a mechanic install a right front hub assembly on my 98 Buick Park Ave as a last minute fix so he could give me a sticke. Now I notice the car has a vibration at 60 to 80 mph and now the wheel seem to shake when I brake. Could the vibration be from a bad installation? I wish I did this repair myself but really didnt want to drive away with a rejection sticker. Thanks for any info.

  133. I just replaced the left front hub assembly on my 96 Cadillac Deville and now the ABS and traction control lights come on. The electrical connection went right in with the new hub. It also sounds like the traction control is trying to engage when I move the car even 5 feet or so. Any ideas on what is causing these problems?

  134. I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville (no supercharger) what setting should I torque the front wheel bearing assembly to

  135. What is the torque of the wheel bearing shaft nut on the 2000 Grand Prix.
    I have read everything from 150foot lbs
    to 120 foot lbs

  136. Here is the torque specs for the 1996 Buick Lesabre:
    Axle Shaft Nut 107 Ft Lbs.

  137. Thank you for posting these instruction.
    Would you be able to send me the torques specs specs for a 1994 Buick Lesabre?Axle Shaft Nut and Hub attaching bolts?
    Thank You

  138. Looking for the torque specs for a 2002 cadillac deville base model ….

  139. 2000 regal gs w/ supercharger vin 2G4WF5514Y1246116
    replacing both front hubs and getting axle nut from dealer. I understand new nuts have different torque specs. Do you know correct torque for the axle nut on this model? Don’t have dealer part number yet, but can get it when I order this part.

  140. what is the size of front axle wheel nut on 1999 oldsmobile intrigue and torque for same nut. what is thee torque for hub assembly to steering knuckle bolts (3 bolts).please email me at karimfive@gmail.com

  141. John Melvin Dodd

    Can you please give me the torque requirements for the hub assembly on a 2003 Buick Century?

  142. What do u torgue the hub assembly bolts to, 3 of them.

  143. can you please give me the torque requirements for the hub assembly on a 2000 Buick Lasabre.

  144. Can you give me the torque specs for the hub assembly for a 1999 Buick Regal . Thank You

  145. Fred Klintworth

    1. Be careful trying to remove the three bolts that hold the hub to the steering knuckle or you may ruin the bolt heads and have to cut the hub free (like I did). I suggest you torch them good before you try to remove them (which I did on other wheel); and, make sure your socket fits the head snugly.

    2. As info, our 2003 Monte Carlo made low growling noise that sounded like it was coming from right front wheel. I jacked up the right side and grabbed tire at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions and pulled in and out. I could feel a very slight amount of play. But, as it turned out, that was too much play. Now that I have replaced the hub assemblies, the noise is gone.

  146. I was recommended to grease around the area where the new hub/bearing assembly will be going. Do you recommend this as well? Also do you have the hub bolt size for an 02 park Ave? Thanks

  147. Some hindsight info:
    I had stripped one of the inner 13mm bolts and didn’t know what to do.
    Luckily a 1/2 socket fit on it nicely and it came loose. I had to use the torque wrench to get all 3 off, the air ratchet didn’t budge them!
    And I had to use a 24″ breaker bar from harbor freight (under $10 I think) to get the 34mm hub nut off. NOTE you need a DEEP 34mm socket, at least on the Montana you do (NAPA $15)

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